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Joanne Shaw, B.A.
Joanne Shaw, B.A.
Financial Advisor

Investment Planning

With an integrated approach to creating, distributing, preserving, and managing wealth, we involve highly skilled individuals to develop custom-tailored solutions based on our clients' unique circumstances.

We are committed to delivering significant value to our clientele in their wealth-building journey, regardless of what stage they are presently at:

Different investors have different investment needs and objectives. While you want to grow your investments, we recognize that you may need more time or expertise to do it independently. At CANFIN Wealth Management, we offer you a qualified approach to wealth, which means that we will:

  • Listen to you and understand your needs.
  • After thoroughly understanding your Investment Goals, we will develop a personalized strategy considering your age, time horizon, risk comfort level, and investment suitability.
  • We will then present our strategy to you, and together, we will construct and implement your investment portfolio.
  • Once implemented, your investment portfolio will be monitored regularly, and adjustments (if needed) will be communicated to you and authorized to ensure that you are on track and scheduled to meet your goals.
  • As an additional service, we can provide complete Financial Planning for all stages of your life. Most importantly, we offer you several options to monitor your investments to see how we are doing. You will receive your statements quarterly as a minimum, though you can review them more frequently via our Client Center.
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