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Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation

Working to together to construct and implement your investment portfolio.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Protection against financial risk, plus advanced investment vehicles.

Wealth Preservation

Wealth Preservation

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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

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Joanne L. Shaw, B.A., CFP

Joanne Shaw is a Certified Financial Planner with Canfin Financial Group.  She specializes in helping families to reach their financial goals, over the long-term, through comprehensive financial planning and strategic investment counseling.  Following the achievement of the CFP – Certified Financial Planning designation, Joanne has focused her efforts in dealing with families on a multigenerational basis. The majority of clients are in the baby boomer generation but she also deals with their children and parents. This includes young couples starting out and working towards their first home or recently having their first child.  The needs of the “soon-to-be” retired and that of elderly couples are diverse and need to be addressed differently. It is this challenge of working with the different needs of individuals that offers a constant excitement to the work that Joanne does.

Joanne offers a consultative approach to financial planning in which she will customize a comprehensive financial plan to suit your needs. This may involve projections in terms of buying or selling a property or determining when you can retire. You may simply like to have an analysis of your current investments as a second opinion. A complete letter of engagement outlining the process, the deliverables and the projected total costs are signed at the beginning of an engagement should you wish to have a fee for service plan done. Upon completion of your financial plan, a letter of completion is also signed to indicate that the project has been delivered to your satisfaction.

Joanne has previously held senior management positions for major Fortune 500 companies in the integrated electronic commerce and telecommunications arena. She is currently enrolled in the CMC (Certified Management Consultant) Program.


  • Certified Financial Planners Certification (CFP) - FPSC
  • Insurance License Level I & II, LSIF license, - FSCO
  • Mutual Funds License - IFIC
  • York University - HON. B.A. Psychology
  • RYERSON - Biochemistry Diploma

Other Interests:

  • Certified Reiki Master (7th Grand Master) - Dr. Usui Method
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (Instructor of Yoga) - Sheridan College
  • Black belt in Go-Ju Ryu Karate, Senior student of Tai Chi, Teacher of Self Defense programs to women and adults with special needs, 
  • Current study: Yoshinkan Aikido ka, 
  • Author: Polly Pennywise Series of children’s books

Member: Mississauga Board of Trade, Sumi-e Artists of Canada, Mississauga Sumi-e Society, Canadian Institute of Financial Planners

Languages: English and ASL-American Sign Language for the Deaf

As a member of Canfin Financial Group I have joined forces to provide comprehensive and integrated wealth management services to businesses and their employees, professionals and individuals.

Canfin Financial Group services are comprehensive because creating wealth, distributing wealth, managing and preserving wealth cannot be done in isolation. A full 360-degree perspective is required to ensure that success in one area does not conflict with another. We use an integrated approach in all our engagements because when it comes to the creation, distribution, preservation and management of wealth there are no easy answers, and may involve other highly skilled individuals to work collaboratively with us to develop custom tailored solutions based on the unique circumstances of our clients.

To help you achieve your goals, Canfin Financial Group only associates with financial planners, advisors and other professionals and service providers who are committed to life-long learning and professional development. All of Canfin Financial Group's clients will always experience our "qualified approach to wealth creation, wealth preservation, wealth distribution and management!"

As a member of Canfin Financial Group I am committed to these Core Values which cover these 5 principles:

  1. Consistent application of our qualified approach to wealth creation, preservation, distribution and management.
  2. Excellence in client service,
  3. Comprehensive services through a closely linked group of expert service providers,
  4. Remain Independently owned and operated, and
  5. Committed to being good corporate citizens by adhering to the triple bottom line: sustainable business, environmentally friendly business and ethical business operations to make stakeholders proud to associate with us.

Mission Statement: "To serve our clients through knowledgeable, trusted and professional advisors providing comprehensive advice, quality products and outstanding service."